Mr. Francis Lam MB BS, MSc, MRCS(Ed), MRCS(Gl), FRCS (Tr&Orth), Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Troy is an enthusiastic and passionate physiotherapist with specialist expertise in the management of shoulder and upper limb injuries. I have worked with her for a number of years and she has produced consistently outstanding results. All my patients have spoken very highly of her professionalism and have been very impressed by her knowledge and skills. I have every confidence in her and I know that my patients are being looked after by the very best.

Mrs A, Chesham Bois

I have a long standing neck and back issue. I have been to various physio’s throughout the world for treatment. Troy is by far the best I have been to; she addresses the causes of my pain, not just the symptoms. Her hands-on approach, techniques and general skills are superb. Troy is professional, friendly and approachable. Highly recommended!


Troy’s style as a practitioner is very down to earth. Diagnosis is rapid and focused and treatment very targeted. Troy encourages her patients to learn techniques and exercises to help themselves and this means that you work together to improve and it is empowering to be able take a certain responsibility for your own well being.
I would recommend Troy as an excellent physiotherapist and a very decent person. She is extremely able technically and patients can develop a constructive working relationship with her.

Guy Emerson, Club Chairman – Amersham Swimming Club

Several of you may be aware that I suffered my first real swimming injury in May. I had been training hard at swim camp and returned to a set of repeated 400m swims. Towards the end of the set my shoulder started to hurt and the next morning I had a pain in my bicep which lasted for several weeks. After consultation with my doctor, a physiotherapist and consultant and an MRI scan it was decided that I had three potential problems. Firstly, the labrum in my left should was torn, secondly this had de-stabilised my left bicep which in turn had worn against the underside of my rotator cuff. Thirdly, due to repeated wear they needed to shave the end of my collarbone as it was rubbing against the top of my rotator cuff.

Fortunately, although I was not allowed to swim fly or breaststroke, I was able to train on my favoured backstroke, and I was sufficiently fit to win at the British Masters LC Championships in June, but the injury got progressively worse and I had to miss the National Masters SC Championships in October and have the operation. The tear in my labrum was much larger than first thought and I am not able to swim for three months, have not been able to run for the last 6 weeks and I’m looking at6-9 months for full recovery. Due to the Olympics being in London, other events have been brought forward and I will effectively miss a whole season.

Given my age this is something I can manage, however frustrating and disappointing it will be. However for younger swimmers the loss of this amount of training as a result of an injury can have a more significant effect as well as impact their further growth and development. I have been very fortunate that Troy Bennetts, one our masters swimmers is also a physiotherapist, specialising in sports injuries. Troy has helped me immensely and I am now undergoing regular physio treatment so that I can return to full fitness. I know that Troy has also helped a number of our other swimmers as well.

Troy has now set up a new practice in Amersham, very close to the swimming pool and is willing to help our swimmers to avoid injuries, to treat injuries and ensure that they get the appropriate advice and guidance whenever they have concerns. We are discussing a number of activities including Troy talking to swimmers about sports injuries and how to avoid them, as well as holding “drop in sessions” where swimmers and/or parents can talk to Troy about any issues they have. This is planned to be on every alternate Wednesday evening for about an hour as an ongoing session. This really is invaluable advice and often small issues when treated quickly can help avoid more significant injuries and problems in later life. I know as it has impacted me and Troy has been a tremendous help to me and somebody I trust implicitly.I attach further details on the next page.